Cha-Cha Slide Creator DJ Casper Officially Beats Cancer!

DJ Casper is well known for single handily creating a legendary tune that the entire world can dance to for years to come. Though he has spent many years of his career making people feel good, he has also spent majority of his life silently battling multiple deadly disease.

DJ Casper also known as Willie Perry has recently come forward to shed light on his life story and the medical difficulties he endured. “I was lead poisoned at 24 months and at 22 [years old] I had a brain aneurysm, he states.

According to #ABCNewsChicago Perry also suffered from detached retinas, in which he had to undergo major eye surgery. “In 2016, they diagnosed me with two forms of cancer. Renal and neuroendocrine, which is kidney and liver,” states Perry.


Although Perry’s journey was long and strenuous, it has recently been stated that he has officially overcame his battle with cancer and is currently in remission. “Maybe in the process of me going through the cancer situation, that was God’s way of just slowing me down just a little bit,” he said. “But he kept me here for a reason, definitely for a reason.”

Sources have indicated that Perry utilizes his life altering experiences to publicly speak at the Stroger Cook County Hospital. He meets regularly with various men battling cancer and other illnesses.
“All it takes is one person to step out and say ‘this is what happened to me,’ and serve as a resource for the next person, so that it doesn’t happen to them,”

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