New York City Officials To Introduce Marijuana Breath Tests For Drivers In 2020!

New York City law officials are currently within the drawing board phase of establishing regulations that will order police officers to issue breath tests to detect if a driver has smoked marijuana within the past three hours.

According to #NewsOne ; the law could possibly go into play by some time next year. Sources have confirmed that Oakland-based Hound Labs and Canadian company SannTek have paired up to produce the special breath detecting equipment.


It has been indicated that the Hound Labs co-founder Mike Lynn, has stated that the company’s breathalyzers will show if someone has used marijuana within a three-hour window. It is believed that the strongest effects of marijuana occur within that time frame and has the ability to impair a drivers judgement and overall driving. The breathalyzers will also be designed to search the human body for tetrahidrocannabinol (THC). THC is described as a substance that serves as the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Sources have confirmed that it is far more easier to test a driver for alcohol than marijuana. Reports read that detecting the amount of the psychoactive compound in a human’s body is not an easy task.
However officials are determined to move forward with both the breathalyzers and regulations. They’ve believe it’ll be helpful to all parties and will provide safety to drivers as well as pedestrians.