LeBron James Trademark Application For Taco Tuesday Is DENIED!

Word on the street is NBA all star #LebronJames application for “ Taco Tuesday” has officially been denied by the United States Patent Trademark Application!

According to #BleacherReport , an official announcement was made by Josh Gerben of the Gerben Law Firm and Darren Rovell of #ESPN. Sources have indicated that the examining attorney identified the phrase as a “commonplace message,” and denied the application.


Gerben Law firm confirmed that LeBron’s LBJ Trademarks LLC originally filed the trademark application on Aug.31st. It has been stated that LeBron had high hopes for the phrase and was even set to create a podcast behind it. Unfortunately LeBron’s decision to trademark the phrase caused more chaos than intended. From media outrage to public protests; its probably less problematic for LeBron to leave it as just a hashtag.

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