T.I Lands Number One Spot On Apple Music Chart With New Podcast “ expediTIously”

It hasn’t even been 48 hours since the #Atlanta native himself officially made his debut into the world of podcasting. However much like the name of his show, T.I has managed to land the number one spot on the Apple Music chart “expediTIously.”

According to #TheBlast , expediTIously serves as a free space where T.I will discuss important topics, social issues and conduct important interviews. Sources have indicated that after premiering his first episode the podcast spread like a wild fire. For his first round of guest he interviewed the legendary #LLCoolJ , #IceCube and his wife #TamekaTinyHarris .


“I looked at my interactions on social media and realized that that platform wasn’t robust enough to flush out my ideas. In order to give those ideas a fair chance to breathe, I think my opinion requires a little more time and dialogue,”states T.I to people magazine.

“Whatever you think, you’re allowed to think it. Your opinion is your opinion no matter how outlandish it may be. When you’re a celebrity or public figure, you bow down with protocols or expectations of the public; they keep us from saying how we really feel. I think that’s the opposite of freedom. I feel like me being able to share my opinions, views and perspective, there’s a freedom that comes with that and I really do appreciate it. I’m looking forward to it.”

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