Texas Mom Pleads Guilty To Forcing Son To Endure 13 Unnecessary Major Surgeries!

A #Texas mom has recently come forward within a guilty plea admitting to knowingly having her healthy son endure multiple unnecessary major surgeries and unneeded medical procedures.


According to the #NewYorkPost ; Kayleen Bowen, 35 has subjected her son Christopher to over 320 doctors visits since he was a 11 days old. The visits included hundreds of unneeded trips to the hospital and doctors visits. It has been indicated that by the time Christopher was 8 years old he had already endured multiple major surgeries resulting to him being unable to walk and having to use a wheelchair.


Reports read that Bowen has been found guilty of committing crimes that have been identified as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It has been described as a disorder that consists of a parent or guardian that lies or exaggerates a child’s medical symptoms or condition to get attention. Bowen has conducted and orchestrated multiple fundraisers to raise money upon false pretenses of Christopher being diagnosed with cancer and a rare genetic disease.


Bowen pleaded guilty last week Thursday within a Dallas County courtroom for reckless endangerment of Christopher. He is now ten years old, no longer needs the wheelchair and also lives full time with his biological father since 2017.

“I am happy that she decided to do the right thing. Eventually, the lies had to stop,” states Christopher’s father Ryan Crawford states. “Now, hopefully, those who thought a mother could never do this to their child will see evil does exist.”

Bowen is set to appear in court on Oct 11, she’s currently facing possible charges of 20 years behind bars.

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