Iowa Couple Facing Charges Of Severe Child Neglect Receive Zero Jail Time!

An Iowa couple brought up on multiple charges of severe child neglect received a slap on the wrist as a judge grants them no jail time within exchange for probation.

According to #WhoTv13 ; Stazia Kirk and Zak Herman were originally arrested earlier this year in February following forwarded reports from the Department of Human services. Sources have indicated that the department issued details of a severely malnourished 3 month old baby girl, identified as being so extremely dehydrated that she couldn’t even cry. It has also been stated that she was tested positive for cocaine.

Reports read that the couple was originally charged with
neglect/ abandonment of a dependent person and child endangerment. The couple then opt for a plea deal back in May. They were granted no jail time and placed on 3 years probation with no fines. They couple has also been ordered to receive substance abuse and mental health evaluation.

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