#JUSTICEFORElijah : Teen Fatally Targeted By Stranger Due To Choice In Music; Police Officials Rule Incident A Non Hate Crime!

A family has been left in shambles as they mourn the death of their loved one who has been murdered due to his skin color and choice of music.


According to the #WashingtonPost Elijah Al-Amin, 17 was described by his family as a hardworking and determined teenager who had major plans for his upcoming senior year within High-school. His family states that he was currently working two jobs for the summer and was currently seeking a third.


Sources have indicated on the night of July 4th around 2AM Elijah had gotten off from work and made a stop at Circle K convenient store located near Peoria, Arizona. Police officials have confirmed that Elijah was then followed by a man that he had never came in contact with. Michael Adams, 27 approached Elijah from behind while he was occupied at a vending machine; he then proceed to slit Elijah’s throat and then stabbed him in his back with a pocket knife. Elijah then stumbled out of the store until he ultimately collapsed near the gas pump station. It has been stated that onlookers attempted to help save young Elijah but it was to late.


Adams admitted to officials immediately of the murder he committed, further stating that Elijah never came in contact with him and that the teen also didn’t provoke him. He states that he felt threaten by the rap music Elijah was listening to before he exited his vehicle to enter the convenient store. He goes on to state that he feels threaten by Black, Hispanic and Native American males who listen to rap music. Adams who was recently released from prison two days before the incident, states that he believed the best solution was to be, “proactive rather than reactive.”


Though Adams has been charged with first degree premeditated murder, the murder of Elijah has not been identified or declared a hate crime by officials. It has been reported that officials have only identified Elijah as the victim recently since the widespread of the hashtag #JusticeForElijah has gone viral.