High School Valedictorian Concludes Speech With Coming Out As A Bisexual Male To Audience!

The beauty and pure essence of love displayed throughout the month of June in honor of the 2019 #Pride celebration; is a realm of positivity that we must keep going! Though we may all have a difference within opinion based on our own personal preferences when it comes down to sexuality; we should all keep in mind that our lives are our own to live solely to make ourselves happy and no one else.

According to #Blavity ; #NewYorkCity high school Valedictorian Mason Bleu, 17 recently displayed an act of pure bravery paired with truthfulness. Sources have indicated that Mason came out to the world within his graduation speech and announced that he is a Bisexual male. He states that he is both proud and relieved by doing so.

Mason tells local news that he felt it was important to include his own truth into his speech, “ I realized that if I didn’t include the part of me that should be proud of who I am, it would be hypocritical if I asked anyone else to,” he states.

He admitted that he had only initially confided in two people with his secret, stating that it was no one’s business, no one needed to know.

Within a now viral video on Twitter of Mason’s speech during his graduation he states, “For a long time I’ve struggled with my sexuality, I’ve dodged it and ignored it because I wasn’t proud of who I am. But today I’m changing that. I’m proud to be a bisexual man.”

Numerous families and classmates can be heard applauding Mason’s courage within acceptance.


He even received a direct message from music sensation #LilNasX who also recently came out to the world upon his sexuality. He applaud Mason’s courage and thanked him for being him.

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