Male Shoots 10 Month Old Baby In The Head After Being Rejected By Mom At A Party!

We are living in a truly wicked world when there are people roaming the earth with no regard for human life, let alone the life of a baby. A man is currently being held in police custody under three charges of attempted murder after shooting a 10 month old baby in the head after being rejected at a party.

According to #BuzzFeed , Marcos Antonio Echartea, 23 attended a party on Saturday night within the Fresno area of #California; where he was stated to harass and gawk at Deziree Menagh, 18 the entire night. Sources have indicated that Echartea meet Menagh a week prior and reached to grab her hand upon seeing her again that night.

It has been stated that Menagh arrived at the party hours prior to the incident with her 10 month old daughter Fayth Percy. Officials state that Menagh alerted her family and friends of Echartea’s behavior after she rejected his request to hold his hand. Shortly after that, Echartea attempted to pull Menagh on his lap while sitting on the porch. She immediately resisted his request, gathered her daughter and exited the party.


Officials state that Menagh and her daughter entered her male friend’s vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle they drove away and shortly made a U-turn, ultimately coming to a stop a block away from the party. Reports read that after the car stopped Echartea approached the vehicle where he released a total of 3 rounds into the drivers side of the car. Fayth was struck in her head as she laid in her mother’s arms on the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver immediately contacted the police and rushed towards the hospital. It has been indicated that dispatched informed the driver that police officials were nearby and would be able to assist.

Echartea was arrested within location of the party. Fayth is currently in critical condition, after bullet fragments from her head were removed on Sunday.

“We are hoping and praying that baby Fayth is able to survive this injury, as well as make a full recovery,” states Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a news conference held on Sunday. “I know the parents are broken. They’re hurting.”

Reports read that Echartea is currently being investigated for an extremely similar crime. Officials state that he went to his ex girlfriend’s home in May of this year, where she resides with her current boyfriend and fired multiple shots.

“In that case, one of the bullets penetrated the wall and nearly struck a 1-year-old who was inside,” Dyer states.

Echartea is currently up to his neck in felony charges paired with assault and the use of a deadly weapon.

“It’s very apparent that Marcos Echartea has no regard for human life, even a baby,” 

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