Say His Name : Unarmed Father Ryan Twyman Shot 37 Times By LA Sheriff Deputies!

Family we would like to take this time to demand justice as a black father of 3 was murdered in cold blood by a Los Angeles Sheriff. His name is #RyanTwyman

According to #BallerAlert ; Ryan Twyman 27, was murdered last week Thursday in the parking lot of an apartment complex located between 132nd and San Pedro. Forwarded reports have indicated that Twyman was inside his vehicle alongside another male and a female passenger when police officials approached him. It has been stated that the female passenger exited the vehicle out of fear of the police harassing them. The male passenger then opened the car’s door and was immediately dragged out by police and beaten.


As Twyman attempted to leave while still in his vehicle, police cars closed him in. Officials have stated to have seen a weapon inside Twyman’s vehicle and that’s when a deputy proceed to open fire.

Numerous eye witness have concluded that Twyman was unarmed, and that after the Sheriff emptied the entire clip he grabbed his riffle while approaching Twyman’s lifeless body and continued to shoot.

There has been no additional information forwarded since the incident; however there has been no surfacing of any weapon as alleged by Police within Twyman’s car.

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