Maryland Man Arrested For Knowingly Transferring HIV To Women He Met Through Dating Apps!

#Family ; we urge you to be super careful and extremely cautious when searching for potential partners on any widely populated dating apps! Unfortunately there are some real weirdos out here and they are showing no mercy to anyone. 

According to  #AZFamily Rudolph Jericho Smith; a Frederick, Maryland resident has been arrested for knowingly transferring HIV to a total of four women after hooking up through a social dating application. Sources have indicated that Smith has been charged with first degree assault and reckless endangerment. Also set to face charges of knowingly transferring / attempting to pass on HIV. Fredrick Police officials have stated that Smith was apart of a 21 month investigation, as they heavily gathered facts to build a case toward him. Detectives gathered alleged victims, sourcing dating sites and obtaining requested medical records.

Officials and the prosecuting team current task is to provide hardcore evidence proving that without any form of reasonable doubt Smith was unaware that he was HIV positive. 

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