Meek Mill Proposes Criminal Justice Reform Bill In Pennsylvania!

#MeekMill is cutting no corners within his efforts to change prison reform and the overall criminal justice system. His latest efforts consist of a criminal justice reform bill proposed upon the state of Pennsylvania. 

According to #EbonyMagazine Meek alongside Van Jones, and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon to propose House Bill 1925. Sources state the bill consists of an effort to reform Pennsylvania’s probation and parole system. Together these men serve as co-chairs for the REFORM Alliance, officially launched in January 2019 alongside Jay-Z and other impactful figures.

According to #TMZ if passed the bill will prevent the state of Pennsylvania from forwarding consecutive prison sentences. Also prohibit the extension of jail sentences due to parole fines or fees that increase upon non violent and technical probation violations. Also stop the criminal justice system from placing individuals back in jail due to testing positive for marijuana, traveling outside of their jurisdiction state and association with others who obtain a criminal background. 

Meek states during the conference;  “I’m just here to speak for the ones who don’t have a voice, because I hate it had to be me who had to go to jail, a rapper, a public figure to go to jail for it to become an issue, but it is an issue and this is where we at.”

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