Phoenix Resident Comes Forward Upon Brutal Beating By Police Officials; Officers Deny Claim!

As the surfacing of photos consisting of intense and horrific bruises circulate the media; a 23 year old male has come forward with an ordeal he endured at the hands of local Police officials for no apparent reason.


According to   #ABCNewsArizona ;  AaRone Fowler has stated that he endured a night of being tied up, elbowed dragged and beaten by local police in #Phoenix without reason. Sources have indicated that Fowler describes the night in question as being completely dark out on Sunday morning as he awaited for his friend. The alleged incident took place between 16th and Monroe street. Fowler states he was approached by officials stating they were responding to a noise complaint and asked him for identification. He then states he was cleared and freed to go but then a tussle of some sort began as he began to close the door to his vehicle. Fowler states he was attacked and thrown to the floor by two officers as they shouted out a code. “My whole face from my right side was dragged through the dirt and the mud,” Fowler states. “They kept saying, ‘Stop resisting,’ but I kept saying, ‘What am I doing? What did I do?’ Also stating that he begged them not to kill him. “They kept saying, ‘You’re lucky you’re not going to jail,'” Fowler states. “It’s not luck, it’s the law. I didn’t do anything to break the law.”

Fowler states that things began to turn with an another direction when the police searched his car and found his registration and his name appeared as being listed. Also stating that when he asked the officers for their names, the only thing he was provide was an incident number, but he hasn’t been able to track down any report of the incident. Though Fowler has forwarded extremely vivid and detailed information to the night in question, Police officials have stated none of it is true. The incident is under internal investigation st the moment, officials have described the night in question as followed : On March 17, 2019, at approximately 3:00 a.m., Phoenix Police Officers responded to a call of a fight in the area of 16th Street and Monroe Street. Prior to the officers’ arrival, more information was received and the call was upgraded to a physical fight between two men. When the officers arrived, they found a vehicle stopped in the roadway with the hazard lights on. The officers attempted to contact two men outside of the vehicle, who refused to talk to them before contacting an attorney. The men started to walk away. Because the car was in the roadway, the officers said they would have to tow it. The two men walked back, arguing with the officers, stating they couldn’t tow the vehicle. At that time, a records check revealed the car was an outstanding stolen vehicle from Scottsdale, Arizona.
The officers attempted to detain both men, who refused to comply with the officers’ directions and a struggle ensued. One of the individuals was taken to the ground before he could be detained. When the struggle was over and both men were detained, the officers contacted the Scottsdale Police Department. At that time it was determined the vehicle was a valid stolen vehicle, however, the theft was based upon failure to meet financial obligations by the purchaser, who was one of the two men. Because of that, the officers elected to release the two men and towed the vehicle.

Because of allegations, the Professional Standards Bureau of the Phoenix Police Department is investigating this incident. Investigators would like to speak with both men, who have refused the attempts made thus far to contact them.

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