Jaden Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Plan To Help Flint Michigan Residents Who Haven’t Had Clean Water In Almost 5 Years!

The water crisis of Flint, Michigan serves as one of the most horrifically inhumane modern day ordeals currently talking place within society. It has been over 1,774+ days since residents have had clean non poisonous water. With minimal assistance from the government, a new Face has decided to step in and lend a helping hand. 


According to #MTV news Jaden Smith, has recently announced that he will Help Residents affected by this crisis. Sources have indicated on March 2nd Jaden’s water company Just Goods donated a portable a water filtration system to Flint Trinity Baptist Church. It has been indicated that the water box is the same filter used to produce Just Goods.


The box was initially created within collaboration between Trinity Church and Jaden’s Mother Jada Pinkett Smith, Who has also announced she will be donating a second box. It has been stated that the filter purifies 10 gallons of water per minute. 


“We don’t want to disrupt what’s happening with the donation of bottled water to Flint,” states Jaden. “We just want to be the backbone in case something happens to that supply of donated bottled water. “

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