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Summer Walker Trends Online As Social Media Users Question The Food She Feeds Her New Born Baby!


The good folks of Twitter have singer and new mom Summer Walker trending as they’ve showed concern as to what exactly she’s feeding her newborn baby!

Earlier this month Summer shared via her Instagram story a quick look at a few of the food mixtures she’s feeding her daughter.

Not that it’s of anyone’s business, social media users questioned blended honey, hemp hearts and shrooms for a newborn.

On Tuesday the ‘Over It’ songstress shared a few images of herself alongside her baby girl with a face covering and received additional backlash as social media users pressured her to not only reveal the baby but also questioned her size.

In response to the numerous comments made Summer responded on social media with a post that read, “Y’all: POST THE BABY B*** WE WANNA SEE.”

“Also y’all: roasting a baby who’s face you can’t even see,” she wrote. “lol make it make sense. In conclusion mf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking.”

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