NFL Player Jahleel Addae And Fiancé Receive Backlash From Social Media After Making Public Toast To “ More Lightskin Kids!”

In our opinion, there is no issue with interracial relationships. Your heart has no eyes and people should only be judged solely on the content of their character not their race. However when dating outside of your race, there is an immediate responsibility factor that must weight in. A responsibility to yourself to remain true to your culture, to be receptive to your partner’s culture and to also educate your partner upon your culture. Those lines must never fade. To down play your race to uplift another is a major problem within society and sad to say much of it is coming right from our brothers.

According to #BET ; NFL football safety for the #LosAngeles Chargers  #JahleelAddae and his white Fiancé Lindsey Nelson are in hot water pertaining to a recent Instagram post. The couple is seen toasting amongst their friends consisting of multiple interracial couples, both black and white. The video was uploaded to Nelson’s Instagram; the caption matches the audio  as its states “ to more light skinned kids! “ Sources have indicated that the couple has since then made their Instagram pages private.

Colorism serves an intensive defect within the black community. Unfortunately within this day and age not much has changed from racism or prejudice from our own people. If we don’t see the beauty within one another how can we ever join as one to educate the masses set against us? To be perfectly honest, it’s wack to hear the black man not see the beauty in his own especially are dark skin man. That’s his own insecurity to address, because no matter how light skin or dark skin a person is on the surface we all still identify as black.

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