Akon Calls Black Artists Who Declined Invitation To Perform At Super Bowl “Stupid!”

The NFL has definitely created an obvious division that can not be ignored. Separation upon political indifferences, blatant injustices and indirect racism has had a direct impact on the football franchise as well as its viewers and non viewers. As numerous artist have taken a stance to stand with former NFL player #ColinKaepernick and not perform at the Super Bowl; other artists have taken the risk and accepted the offer. Though these artists have received immediate backlash and cancellation forms from the black and brown community, they have still pressed on.

According to #NewsOne, a fellow artist’s has a few choice words for his fellow peers who have declined the invitation. Sources have indicated that Akon was asked by a TMZ rep what are his thoughts on black artist and the super bowl and he responded : “Honestly, I think that’s stupid.” He continued, “I’m going to be as frank as possible, you in this business for two reasons, one is to make an impact and two is for the business of it. Now if you’re a philanthropist and that’s something you feel like you believe in and you fight for it, you have every right. But if you’re doing it and you’re looking it as a way of expanding who you are as an artist and as a business, you also have that right. So I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for that. I think sometimes people take social issues and make it a lot serious than it has to be.”

Artists such as #JayZ , #Rihanna , #MaryJBlige , #CardiB , #Andre3000 , #NickiMinaj , and #LaurynHill have declined the offer. This is pretty shocking and disappointing to hear from Akon. He’s someone who serves as an avid voice for the black community. Is there a thin line between artistry and individuality? Is there a thin line between societal issues and business? Should the right opportunity allow you to turn your back on your people? 

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