Chloe x Halle Scheduled To Perform “ America The Beautiful “At The 2019 Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LIII will be rolling in pretty soon and it’s safe to say the franchise has contacted almost every A-list musician to perform. Which has been quiet the task since the black balling of #ColinKaepernick and the forceful tatics used to silence it’s players. The franchise has contacted artists such as #JayZ , #Rihanna and #CardiB. All of which have kindly declined the invitation and stated their siding with #ColinKaepernick.


According to #SportsCenter Grammy nominated award singers and #Grownish stars #ChloexHalle are scheduled to perform “ America The Beautiful“  at the Super Bowl. The sisterly duo are young breakout stars, who were discovered by #Beyonce on #Youtube.  The Atlanta natives are now signed to Mrs.Carter’s record label under #ParkWoodEntertainment. ChloexHalle are well known for thought provoking visuals matched impactful lyrics. Their willingness to stepout of the box has allowed them the space within originality to create a sound of their own. 

Atlanta all stars such as #BigBoi, #TravisScott and our beloved jewel #GladysKnight are also scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl. The Black and Brown community has been extremely vocal with their decisions to cancel artist who have decided to support the #NFL franchise. Is it safe to say these beloved artists are permanently revoked from #TheCookout ? 

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