Chance The Rapper Issues Aplogy For Working With R. Kelly; Stating He Didn’t Value The Stories Of Black Women!

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Its been almost  week since the #Lifetime premier of the horrifying docuseries #SurvivingRkelly and our head are still spinning. The series has sparked much needed conversation within families, friendships and the overall industry. As time progresses numerous artists and public figures have come forward issuing their deepest feelings upon the ordeal and even admiting a few things on their own behalf. 

Chicago’s own wiz-kid #ChanceTheRapper lands himself in hot water with the resurfacing of an old interview and a few harshly worded statements come to light. According to #Vox , Chance has worked with the notorious phedophile #RKelly numerous times. In an unpublished interview with  Jamilah Lemieux back in spring of 2018, Chance spoke out for the very first time upon the allegations. Due to Lemieux separation from the brand of Cassius, the interview was never published but was woven into the #SurvingRKelly docuseries finale episode.

Within the interview Chance states : We’re programmed to really be hypersensitive to black male oppression,” he goes on to say “But black women are exponentially [a] higher oppressed and violated group of people just in comparison to the whole world. Maybe I didn’t care because I didn’t value the accusers’ stories because they were black women. Usually, ni**as that get in trouble for shit like this on their magnitude of celebrity, it’s light-skinned women or white women. That’s when it’s a big story. I’ve never really seen any pictures of R. Kelly’s accusers.”

Chance has come forward since the partial airing of the interview to state he was misquoted and that his words were used out of context. That’s hard to believe especially since his word outlayer the stigma that “ Black Women lIves DO NOT MATTER!”   Let’s say his word’s were actually misconstrued I’m some kind of way, why does he believe that only white women or women with fair skin can be the only women within the world sexually victimized? 

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