African Inventor Creates Smart Glove That Converts Sign Language Into Audio Speech

25 year old RoyAllea from #Kenya has a a six year old niece who was unfortunately born deaf. Her only means of communication can be sought out through sign language, in-which her family members find extremely difficult. Allela has created an invention on the behalf of his niece as well as many other people around the world who struggle with this issue.

According to the #BusinessInsider ; Allea felt the necessity of communicating with his niece was imperative. Which motivated him to create an invention the world was in dyer need of: smart gloves that translate sign language into audio. “ Sign -io’s “ translation gloves is designed to recognize a variation of letters used within sign language, transfer the data onto an #Android application that then vocalizes what is being interpreted.

Allea has received recognition from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), one of the most highly respected engineering organization’s in the world for his life changing invention in 2017.

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