Jermaine Dupri Embraces Super Bowl ; Disagrees With Boycotting

 As other artists band together to stand with #ColinKaepernick and boycott the #NFL franchise ; super Producer and  self proclaimed Mayor of #ATL , #JermaineDupri has decided to take a different approach.


According to #EbonyMagazine ; Dupri has agreed to partner with the #NFL franchise to produce several free shows leading to the Super Bowl. “ Since I’ve entered the music scene, I’ve always had concerns with how people view the city of Atlanta both musically and overall,” Dupri states in a press release. “It’s an incredible place to be and I am always thinking of ways to make that view better.  I feel it’s my duty as the Unauthorized Mayor to help Super Bowl LIVE create the best Welcome to Atlanta experience for the fans ever. “

Dupri also shed’s light within a difference of opinion upon handling the societal injustices in America :  “Boycotts and marches don’t seem like they work to me, I’m sorry. I think they should send a message while they’re onstage, take advantage of your platform. “ Also adding that he feels “The more people speak on it, the more they talk about it, then the more people feel like it’s something they have to address. I feel like people ignore boycotts.”

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