Houston Father Approaches 8 Year Old Son’s School Bully, Learns That He’s Homeless & Begins Mentoring Him

A #Houston Father is changing the game of “ Parenting “ ; with his heartwarming – hands on approach of dealing with school bullies.

Aubrey Fontenot’s 8 year old son Jordan complained to him that he was being given a hard time at school from one of his classmates. Sources state that school officials offered no assistance with the issue. According to #ABC13 Fontenot reached out to the alleged bully Tamarion’s family and requested permission to speak with him directly.

Fontenot admits that he was bullied as a child and wanted to speak Tamarion to help arrive at the root of the issue. Sources state Tamarion’s mother revealed that their family is struggling financially and having a hard time finding a stable place to live. Deep within conversation with Tamarion, he admits to being bullied at school because of his current living situation.

A now viral video shows Fontenot and both his son Jordan and Tamarion talking in a car making amends, after a shopping spree for new clothes. Sources state the boys let by homes be by homes and are now friends

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