Rihanna Declines 2019 Super Bowl Half Time Show Offer; Stands With Colin Kaepernick

The secret is officially out! Though the 2019 super bowl half time show in #Atlanta is set  to be headlined by #Maroon5 , rumors has it they were not the franchise first choice. Source state ; #FentyBeauty CEO #Rihanna was intially offered to headline the show but instead hit the #NFL with a “ NAH “ and declined the offer.

According to #FortuneMagazine ; Rihanna turned down the offer directly due to the kneeling controversy, stating that she is standing with #ColinKaepernick and is against the NFL’s stance.

Sources state, #Maroon5 is currently being pressured to decline the performance due to the kneeling controversy.

“ We Are The Culture, NOTHING moves without US “ -Jayz , #Sidebar He also declined performing during the half time show  🤷🏿‍♀️

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