Ex Chief Of Police Admits To Framing Innocent Black Men

 Former Police Chief Of #Florida Raimundo Atesiano; has come admitted to falsely framing multiple Black males upon various crimes.

Though Atesiano has pleaded guilty to numerous accounts of  conspiracy and other violations of Men’s rights; this was only after the issuing of a plea deal. Charges of this magnitude can lead to the maximum of ten years of prison time, but Atesiano will be serving 2 1/2 Years tops. Both conspiracy charges were dropped which were stated to be the main component of the plea deal.

According to #Blavity several males have been arrested and charged due to Atesiano’s crooked policing. One of which is a Florida resident named Clarence Desrouleaux, who received a five-year prison sentence and deportation to his hometown of Haiti.

Florida Residents are outraged by the lack of jail time the former Police Chief has received.

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