Off Duty Cop Murders Black Male After Mistaking His Home As Her Own


 #NOIRONLINEORG | DearTamara : #Family ; Something in the milk ain’t clean on this one! How difficult would it be to remember what the inside of your apartment looks like as oppose to others? & where do they reside where one key can allow you the ability to enter multiple apartments? 🤔

On Thursday evening #BothamShemJean , 26 was in the comfort of his own home located on South Side Flats at 1210 S. Lamar St. after her shift ended, and encountered; when #Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyer, 30 entered his home, that she’d mistaken for her own. Guyer then released multiple shots and killed Botham. 

Not only did the media as well as local Police Officials take their time with releasing the name of the officer, but they also hesitated with arresting Guyer. The 4 year veteran was able to walk freely for days after the ordeal.

There has been a wide spread of speculations between the two having prior relations, after a photograph of Botham amongst other Caucasian women with blonde hair had surfaced on the internet. Sources state those speculations to be false information  and those Women were identified as being Co-Workers of Bothams.

According to #StarTelegram ; bail was set for $300,000 for Guyer’s arrest inwhich she posted in less than a hour. Officials were ready to set her free,  but coincidentally further evidence was forwarded as well as an eye witness.

Guyer has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

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