Verdict Reached: Jury Declares Ex Cop Guilty For The Murder Of 15 Year Old Jordan Edwards


#Family I think we all can agree, that It is very rare that an Officer receives any type of punishment for their reckless actions. This is a triumphant for all the lives lost to police brutality and a direct message to the monsters with a badge!

April.29th,2017 Within A Suburban Area Of #Dallas , #Texas #JordanEdwards ,15 Alongside His Friends And Siblings Were Exiting A Party That Had Gotten Shut Down By Local Police. Soon After Entering Their Vehicle, A Police Officer By The Name Of Roy Oliver States He Ordered The young men To Stop And Exit The Vehicle. Oliver Then Stated That His Orders Were Disregarded, And Instead The Teens Charged The Vehicle In Reverse Towards Him.


Oliver Then Released Fire Into The Vehicle That Edward Occupied As A Passenger. A Bullet Pierced Edward In The Back Of The Head Killing Him Instantly. But Here’s The Thing; Body Cam Visuals From The Night In Question Prove That Oliver’s Statement Is Completely FALSE! He Was Then Fired For Forwarding False Information. 

Oliver Was Convicted Of Murder Tuesday afternoon and deemed not guilty for the lesser charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault.

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