NYPD Conducts internal trial for Officers responsible for the unjustified death of Eric Garner

It has been four years since the death of #EricGarner at the hands of #NYPD officials.

Garner was arrested within the north shore area of #StatenIsland , for selling loose cigarettes. He placed in an unlawful chokehold, surrounded by numerous officers. Even after stating “ #ICantBreathe “ the officers didn’t budge , which ultimately ended his life.


According to #NYPost there has been a junction filed to immediately begin the disciplinary process for officer Daniel Pantaleo Sgt. Kizzy Adonis. Pantaleo has been place on desk duty since the ordeal and Adonis has been within a modified status. 


Eric’s family are not pleased that justice has taken too long and feel it’s a little too late.  Garner’s mother speaks out Gwen Car, stating “Some officers tried to cover up the killing by lying on the official police reports to leave out the kind of force used against him and others illegally leaked alleged information,”


“It’s past time for de Blasio and the NYPD to stop playing games with my son’s death and release the names of all the officers responsible for his murder, [or who] tried to cover it up and engaged in other related misconduct, and bring disciplinary charges to fire all of them.


The civilian complaint review board will conducts Pantaleo‘ case and the NYPD advocates office will hold a hearing for Srgt Adonis.


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