With the official premiere of their World Tour ; Jay Z & Beyoncé conclude that they aren’t the only ones on the run


Today is the official kick off of the “ On The Run II Tour” and we all couldn’t be more excited. Since the Carter duo inadvertently announced the tour back in March , we have all been awaiting their next move. Keeping our eyes and ears open for any possible hints of what to expect and definitely any signals of seeing the newest and tiniest members of the family.

Moments after the opening performance in Cardiff, UK both twitter and Instagram went into a compete frenzy. Overflowing amounts of phots and posts pertaining to the “official premiere ” of  Twins: Rumi & Sir. A single doubled photo plastered across the arena of Jay and Bey consumed by nature while holding two infant children within each arm.


We were all so excited to finally see the twins, who will be turning one years old next month.  But here’s the ticker, those babies were NOT Sir or Rumi. Sources close to the Carter duo state that the family’s homemade videos would show snippets of the actual twin babies within a more intimate setting.


Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. Unfortunately we have no idea whose little precious tots those were but we’re glad we got a double peek of some gorgeous babies either way!


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