Fatal hit and incident run leaves Black male victim dead and White murderer makes jokes about vis Snap Chat

His name is Sherell Lewis, age 31; served as a good samaritan throughout the Leesville #Louisiana area. After siting litter on the highway, Lewis attempted to clear the space to disable any potential accidents. Moments later he endured a fatal hit and run incident. Upon the arrival of ambulance officials, Lewis was rushed to a near by hospital where he was to receive treatment. Unfortunately moments later He was pronounced dead due to the severity of the injuries sustained.


A red pick up truck occupied by twenty one year old,Matthew Martin  Of Hineston Louisiana, later boasted of the incident via Snapchat . With The insensitive usage of laughing emojis, Martin implicated how pleased he was with his Truck and the impact it had on a human-beings Life. 


Sherif Craft shares his thoughts on the entire ordeal stating:

“ Although the incendiary language used in the social media post is morally and socially unacceptable, the post itself did not violate any criminal code within Louisiana law”

Basically Showing Face For The Camera : It’s Sad An Innocent Man Was Killed BUT To Make A Mockery Of The Situation Within The Realms Of Gloating Is NOT A Crime!

Rest in peace Rell, we hope justice will prevail!


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