Benzino Speaks On His Continous Feud With Coi Leray And Says That He Has A Right To Ask Her For Money, “I made you , you didn’t make”

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Cousins! The on-again off-again feud between Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray has once again ignited as the two continue to throw jabs at one another both online and in interviews!

Things erupted between the two following Coi’s appearance on Angie Martinez’s podcast ‘In Real Life’ as she spoke on her estranged relationship with her dad. Coi expressed that she feels as if Benzino is jealous of her success.

Benzino responded by saying that he believes the entire interview was orchestrated as a ploy against him. He says that Angie doesn’t like him and purposely interviews Coi as a way to taunt him.

Sadly, things didn’t end there as Benzino began to pick a part some of the stories Coi recalled surrounding her earlier years of life.

“She ain’t ever slept in no cars or sold drugs. I don’t know why she’s running with this narrative,”

Benzino claims that what Coi is calling her “Truth” about how she grew up is not true as he expresses that he made countless sacrifices throughout his career for his family.

Further down the line Coi addressed the feud with Benzino in explaining that she would rather not share their familiy’s personal business online. She asked her dad to please respect their privacy while noting that the interview was conducted nearly six months ago.

Cousins, please join us in keeping Coi and Benzino uplifted in prayer and hopes of some sort of reconciliation.

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