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Deelishis Issues An Apology To Sukihana Following VMAs Red Carpet Crawl Comment, “You Too Fine For That Flo”

Cousins! Former reality television star Deelishis is taking the high ride as she has forwarded an official apology to Sukihana following comments she made in regard to her VMAs red carpet crawl moment.

Following this year’s Video Music Awards, Suki took to Twitter and Instagram to share a video of her dressed in an all-black dress and heels as she bent down on the floor to twerk.

“First time at Vmas they knew who I was when they invited me,” she wrote.

As the video continued to circulate on social media with fans dishing out their opinions either cheering Suki on or advising her that the VMAs wasn’t the place for a twerk session; it was Deelishis comments that caught backlash.

“Too many outdoor shoes been on that carpet buttercup,” wrote Deelishis paired with a series of emojis.

Suki swiftly responded in saying, “Girl you was sleeping with Flavor [Flav] you ain’t scared of nothing.”

For the yungins that don’t know, Deelishis was the season two winner of the VH1 reality series: ‘Flavor of Love’ back in the early 2000s.

Social media users found Suki’s response hilarious as folks wrote in the comment section, “ She has a point tho 😭”

The following day Deelishis made light of the situation and issued an apology on Instagram.

“I should have said ‘you too fine for that flo’ which is a much more precise way of describing what I thought when I saw the post or even better NOT COMMENT at all. But unfortunately I never thought ‘my comment’ would be viewed as a insult.”

Deelishis explained that her comments made weren’t intended to be harmful.

“My ppl told me not to respond but the new agenda is to put women at odds and have us hating each other for no good reason! I refuse to conform to that agenda. I believe if you offend someone publicly you should be man or woman enough to apologize and correct your mistake publicly!

“My comment obviously felt like a judgement and that wasn’t cool! I’m a fan and an advocate for women. No harm was intended Queen and I wish you a blessed #WCW buttercup ❤️🙏🏼 #Women #BiggerThanMyMistakes #ToBlessedToStressOthers #Accountability#WomenEmpowerWomen”

As of right now Sukihana hasn’t yet responded to Deelishis’ apology.

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