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Experts Warn That Not Brushing Your Teeth Before Bed Can Lead To A Higher Chance Of Cardiovascular Disease Or Heart Failure!

Cousins! Following a recently conducted study, heart experts are warning the general public to brush their teeth before bed or at least twice a day to avoid developing a risk of cardiovascular disease or further complications surrounding heart failure!

According to THE SUN, scientists studied a group of over 1,500+ patients ages twenty and older that visited Osaka University Hospital in Japan between the years of 2013 and 2016 for surgical treatment or examinations. Each individual was then split into a series of four groups based on their daily oral hygiene habits; including age, gender, smoking history, and dental records.

Officials indicate that non-smoking patients that only brushed in the morning and those that didn’t brush at all showed the worst results and had previously been hospitalized with cardiovascular health issues.

Experts state that people who brushed twice a day or only at night displayed higher survival rates. It has been indicated that smokers tested the worst. “The findings clearly indicate that only brushing in the morning after waking up is inadequate and that brushing at night is good to maintain good health,” says Nature’s Journal Scientific.

“Although our findings are limited to cardiovascular diseases and cannot be applied to healthy individuals, they indicate that brushing teeth at night is important.”

Researchers note that lingering bacteria in an individual’s mouth can lead to inflammation throughout the body; ultimately causing serious health issues like cardiovascular disease but not limited to the possibility of damage to arteries in organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes.

The four main types of cardiovascular disease are: 

  1. Coronary heart disease (angina, heart attacks, heart failure)
  2. Stroke and transient ischaemic attack(or mini stroke)
  3. Peripheral arterial disease
  4. Aortic disease

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this, is brushing before bed a part of your nightly routine?

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