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JT Launches Website And Initiative “No Bars Reform” Helping To Assist Previously Incarcerated Women!

City Girls group member JT is utilizing her platform to assist formerly incarcerated women navigate through society upon release with a new website and initiative layered with helpful resources!

The No Bars reform provides resources to women seeking employment, housing, battling substance abuse, and additional opportunities.“After spending almost two years in a Florida prison before being released in 2020, JT has vowed to use her voice and platform to help other incarcerated women rehabilitate into society,” reads a statement from the official website.

The Miami, Florida native has been vocal throughout her career as she was arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft in 2018. According to reports from Vibe magazine, JT was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison and released on March 7th, 2020.

Along with the newly debuted initiative program, JT has released her long-awaited solo track, “No Bars”. This comes nearly four years after her freestyle “JT First Day Out” dropped in connection to her being released from prison.

“No Bars” is currently trending throught social media as celebrities and fans congratulate JT for the newly released single.

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