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Romeo Miller Partners Up With Historic Engineer Richard Patterson To Launch Car/Tech Venture!

Cousins! Romeo Miller is taking his entrepreneurial talents to new heights upon entering the evergrowing tech universe!

The New Orleans native has recently announced that he is set to spearhead an electric car and technology venture in partnership with historic engineer Richard Patterson!

Romeo took to Instagram back in June to announce his new business partnership with Richard as the two will join forces in creating an “automotive and tech powerhouse,” that will help with the advancement of an eco-friendly future.

“A man with one of the highest IQs, but dressed and talked like me. A man who revolutionized the automotive world, and also one of only four automotive engineers in the world that can build a car from vehicle schematics to finished production. Richard Patterson is the genius and innovator they didn’t want you to know about, and I’m here to change that!” wrote Romeo on Instagram .

According to reports from AfroTech Richard is a former Tesla engineer that assisted in creating their beloved Model S Sedan.

“The inclusion of Romeo Miller in this venture underscores our shared values and determination to effect real change in the tech and automotive landscape,” said Patterson in a news release. “With our combined efforts, we are confident in our ability to push boundaries, shape the future, and lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable world.”

With the official launch of Trion and Shango, Richard will use his engineering expertise alongside Romeo’s resources and connections to create a green future. “I always envisioned a future with 100% green energy and Richard has the inventions and I have the connections to make that possible,” says Romeo.

Per AfroTech $10 billion in funding has already been secured. It has been stated that the money will be used effectively in developing self-sufficient energy homes and electric vehicles.

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