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Shaunie Says That She Is Happy Shaq Is Able To Speak His Truth On Their Previous Marriage But She Is No Longer In That Place Anymore!

Cousins! ‘Basketball Wives’ executive producer Shaunie Henderson shares that her main focus at this point in her life is the blossoming of her marriage and building a future with her husband Keion Henderson , despite often being bombarded with questions about her ex husband Shaq!

In a recent interview with PageSix , Shaunie was asked how does she feel about Shaq recently admitting that he fumbled their overall relationship. “I was a d–khead. You don’t know how good you got something till it’s gone,”Shaq previously stated.

“I am happy that he’s able to share his truth of how he feels. I don’t really have an opinion on it. That was so long ago,” says Shaunie. “I am in a new place in life. What he needs to share for his truth is his truth and it is what it is.”


Shaunie was also asked how she felt about her ex husband confessing to his part in their ultimate divorce and does it make her feel superior. She responded in saying, “I don’t need that validation. I’m pretty confident in who I am and what I’ve done. And what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve worked on to better myself. I don’t need somebody else’s validation to put my chest out. I feel my best right now in life.”

The mother of 5 says that she has nothing more to say when asked about her previous marriage and that she would much rather folks focus on the present. “One thousand percent, I get tired of the ‘Shaq’ questions, yes.”

She continues, “I just don’t know if those questions are necessary almost 13 years later, you know what I mean? That was a time in my life… If you have any questions about Keion Henderson, you are more than willing to ask all day long, shoot!”

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Shaunie and pastor Keion Henderson wed earlier this year after two years of dating. Their new reality series “Shaunie & Keion’s Destination ‘I Do’” premiered on November. 28th.

Cousins, do you believe Shaq’s apology was necessary after all these years?

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