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SZA Responds To Circulated Rumors That She’s Had Work Done In New Album SOS, “ I Just Got My Body Done, Ain’t No Guilt About It”

Cousins! It’s been roughly five years since SZA pulled up to the music scene swinging with her debut album ‘CTRL’. As fans have waited both patiently and impatiently, she’s back for round two with the release of her second studio album, ‘SOS’ !

With a track list of 23 songs SZA born Solana Rowe provides fans a peak into her world as she sings about her personal life such a love, insecurities and even responding to viral rumors.

On a track titled ‘Conceited’ SZA seemingly reveals that she has had public surgery and that she has no regrets about it. “I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it / I just heard your opinion, I could’ve did without it”

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In the last year or so social media users have been heavy in debate whether or not SZA did indeed have plastic surgery.

“The (sza, et al) bbl discussion is fascinating because folks really aren’t aware how much our concepts around Black woman’s bodies is yet another social illusion, a desirable feedback loop, tweeted a social media user.

“The edited idea of “natural” becomes another marketing angle folks fiercely defend Thickness becomes “thicc™️” with no imperfections tolerated or accepted. The right kind of thick in the thighs and ass but not in the stomach or arms or face, as if fat can be precisely targeted by sheer will and a good workout routine.”

Another social media user tweeted, “Lmao @ the ppl looking foolish now that SZA confirmed the BBL. They was deadass writing think pieces 😭 “she always been thick” like she didn’t say she was sensitive about having no booty. “That’s grown woman weight distribution” as if she’s not already in her 30s… 💀”

SOS is currently trending on social media as fans gush with excitement to hear from the 32 year old songstress in a continuously vulnerable way. Be sure to tap in and let us know which song is your fave in our comments 👇🏿

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