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Officials Discover Chesapeake Mass Shooter Left Behind A Death Note In His Cellphone; A Victim’s Mom Says Gunman Didn’t Like Her Son”

Cousins! Following the absolute tragic mass shooting at a Chesapeake located Walmart this week that claimed the lives of 6 employees at the hands of a former manager, officials reveal that the gunman left behind a terrifying detailed death note!

According to NPR, the identified gunman Andre Bing wrote within a manifesto found in his cellphone that he was allegedly bullied and betrayed by co-workers. Within the note the 31 year old mentions that he was referred to as infamous serial killer Jefferey Dahmer.

“I was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom,” Andre wrote. “The associates gave me evil twisted grins, mocked me and celebrated my down fall the last day.”

Reports read that Andre had legally purchased a 9MM handgun the morning of the tragic incident November 22, 2022.

“Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I promise things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan,”Andre apologized. “My only wish would have been to start over from scratch and that my parents would have paid closer attention to my social deficits.”

Local officials discovered the receipt for the purchased handgun, a box of ammunition and additional documents.

As we previously reported Andre gunned down 6 employees two days before Thanksgiving, roughly an hour before the Virginia based Walmart was set to close.

Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; and Fernando Chavez-Barron, 16 and Tyneka Johnson, 22, have been identified as fatal victims.

Brian mom Michelle Johnson says that her son loved his co-workers and had no prior issues with a anyone except Andre. “He just didn’t like my son,” said Michelle. “He would tell me that he (Andre) would give him a hard time.”

Michelle says her son’s shift stated at 1030 but he was always punctual and would often arrive 30 minutes earlier.

“I always tell him to call me when he gets off work,” Michelle stated. She says the last time she heard her son’s voice was before his shift on Tuesday night.

It has been stated that as Michelle was getting ready for bed, she got a call from a friend of the family that there had been a shooting at Walmart.

Our thoughts and continuous prayers remain with the victims and their families.

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