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Kicking It One On One With Quincy 💜



As a man of many talents paired with multiple fan favorite projects under his belt and a consistently growing love of being a student of the arts; it is safe to say that Quincy is just getting started!

With the release of his latest project Qside | Bside and more exciting things on the way, we had the absolute pleasure of Kicking it One on One with Quincy alongside his beloved fans also known as the Q-crew for a round of 21Q💜estions.

Qside | Bside

Within the last two years of undergoing the unfortunate and uncertain circumstances of the Pandemic, we have been able to witness a transition in artistry and overall music. Many artists have been transparent of their religious, spiritual and personal journeys that have forced them into self reflection, ultimately resulting in overall growth.

The Columbus, Georgia native reveals that he also underwent a personal journey of rebirth.

The Pandemic really made people learn about yourself. You had to really understand what that time meant for you. It wasn’t just a reset, it actually is suppose to serve as growth, something major.”

Quincy continues, “especially for myself, since I spent so much time alone and by myself. I was able to just learn about myself. It was if I was in school by myself, I was able to learn by myself.”

Qside | Bside symbolizes a prospective of rebirth not only for him as an individual but also as an artist.

“A lot of people that were in my life pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, we found out our differences and its a beautiful thing. I feel like a lot of that went into the albu“ From working with different energies and different producers, while even trying to collab. It was tough to do over the pandemic, but that time allowed me to experiment and do things I’d probably never do on a regular basis.”

Quincy says that he wants his fans and new listeners to be able to vibe to Qside | Bside but also to experience the album with a clear mind.

Take the album in with a clear mind so that you can fully digest the musicality of the lyrics, the melodics and more. There is so much that goes into a song, I want people to listen with more than one purpose. You know how you here a song and then a year later you hear that same song and it immediately feels different. Like a specific note or lyric just hits you different and you’re like, ‘what was I hearing before?”

‘More than anything I just want people to be able to digest it. That’s the only thing as an artist we truly want; for our fans and new listeners to just take it all in. It starts the moment you hit play.”

He continues in explaining that, “ It may not be the easiest project to listen to because it is different. I know that my fans are use to me throwing out singles but this is a body of work. With that comes different vibes and genres in music from Rap to Pop and R&B; some people may not know how to perceive that. Some may see it as doing a lot, but I see it as being us as people. We can be happy at 3 O’clock, and sad at 4 O’clock and then feel another way in the next hour.”

Me as a Gemini, I feel it’s important for us to have different vibes. I don’t think anyone has to be or feel one specific way about anything.’

The overall aesthetic’s from the Qside| Bside project signify different shades and hues of purple” from lilac, lavender, magenta, mauve and more. Quincy reveals that his mother, the late Kim Porter’s favorite color was purple. He says that his mother is a driving force within his career and overall life, it was important for this project to pay homage to her legacy.

“ She loved whenever I put my all into something. She actually heard the track ‘Another day Another lesson,’ that was something I had to make sure got through.”

Quincy continues, “Her favorite color was purple. With the purple vibes, she always subtly threw that into her style, which I overlooked. But purple is a color that can represent so many things. It can represent happiness, it can represent sadness just with the shades, I feel that it’s powerful in that way. Within the intimate side of things you can look at things as both dark and light, same as the personal side of things as light and dark. Purple is like one of those neutral colors where you can like feel the color with the shades as oppose to the other colors.”

Get 2 Know Q

Quincy shares that he is fully open to taping into different levels of music. As an artist and a student to the game he’s consistently experimenting and studying different genres. He reveals that he would love to collaborate with fellow artists such as Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown to remix a track from Qside | Bside.

Quincy let the Q-crew know that he’s also been dabbling in country music.

I’m not going to say I haven’t fully-fully tried it, but I explore music everywhere. As an artist I want to connect and adapt to different cities around the world that people often forget to shine a light on. The hard drive is crazy. Plus I come from Columbus, Georgia so I am naturally a country person.”

He continues, “ I wouldn’t have to do something a certain way, however I would embody what County music is definitely.

Working as an independent artist is important to Quincy because he’s able to fully tap into his creative side without the extra elements that could possibly interject.

“ I appreciate the development side of things because it allows me to create from a genuine space. I’m not against joining a label but it would have to be them adding on to everything I already have going on. My greatness.

Cousins, be sure to check out the full interview as Quincy dives deep into fan questions, upcoming projects in the works and show love to his latest released project Q side | B side available EVERYWHERE!

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