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Partygoers Reportedly Swapping Out Alcohol For Shrooms In New Trend!



Word on the streets is there’s a new trend going on as partygoers are now trading out alcoholic beverages for psychedelic shrooms!

According to TMZ, the new trend derives from wedding attendees wanting to skip the hangover they undergo after one too many cups of champagne. It has been stated that they are now partying with shrooms in the form of a chocolate treat.

Despite shrooms being a known hallucinogen it has been stated that it helps those that suffer with anxiety and depression.

Many that have indulged in the new trend share that it has been a pleasurable experience but also warn folks to be secure within setting limits.

A wedding attendee shared with Times that he believes the new trend is in fact a response to the last three years of uncertainty due to Covid.

‘”I think it is a combination of no weddings for two years and the younger generation moving away from getting really p*****, which can make people get quite angry. With this, everyone was having a great time.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this new trend?

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