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Stop The Violence: Video Footage Surfaces Of A Woman Being Knocked Unconscious By A Male During Chris Brown Concert!



Yikes! It appears things got way out of hand during one of the final stops of Chris Brown’One Of Them One’ summer tour as a woman was reportedly knocked unconscious by an unidentified man!

According to reports from TMZ, the incident took place last Friday on August 26th. Captured footage shows a woman lying unconsciously on the ground as two people fight nearby.

It has been stated that the altercation initially erupted between two women within the front section of the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA as Chris began wrapping up his set.

That’s when two men had gotten involved before one allegedly knocked one of the women out, reads reports.

Responding police officials state that one of the parties involved were taken to the hospital while the woman’s current state of health is currently unknown.

It has been stated that Chris was unaware of the occurrences and has issued no comment. His fan fave tour officially wrapped on Saturday August 27th.

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