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Dennis Rodman Says He’s Going To Russia To Help Free Brittney Griner, “ I Got Permission To Go To Russia To Help That Girl”



In efforts of assisting fellow athlete Brittney Griner with her current legal troubles, former NBA all-star Dennis Rodman has reportedly come forward in saying that he has received official permission to travel to Russia!

According to to NBC News, Dennis says that he will be making moves within this upcoming week. He says that he has received”permission” to head over there and “help that girl” in a supposed prisoner swap.

Though there has been no official confirmation of Dennis statements or travel approval, it has been stated that within the power of his overall stardom and influence he has been able to make things allegedly happen behind the scenes.

TMZ reports that he previously helped the U.S with their diplomatic efforts in North Korea pertaining to the release of a an American prisoner. Dennis is also said to have tagged along with Trump back in 2018 on an official assignment to the communist county.

Cousins, do you think Dennis could actually be of assistance to Brittney?

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