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Read The Room Why Dont’Cha? Employee Shows Up As Django In Response To Job’s Retreat Held On A Former Plantation!

-Natalee Gilbert-


When an African American man showed up to his job’s “period appropriate” themed party as Django, it gave his coworkers an unsettling blast from the past!

According to Blavity, the aforementioned employee dished about showing up to his job’s costume ball as an enslaved person. He elaborates on this character choice via Reddit. 

“As a lot of you already know, I had to attend a ‘corporate retreat’ this weekend that happened to take place on a southern plantation in Alabama. There was a ‘period appropriate’ costume ball scheduled for the end of the trip, but they apparently forgot about me, their lone black employee. Hilarity ensued.” 

His attire consisted of a tan shirt, pants, and a straw hat. To add flair, the employee went barefoot. Furthermore, the anonymous male had a picture taken of himself picking cotton. Twitter users applauded him for his strong statement. 
“I appreciate him. He understood the assignment because I can’t understand how this is still a thing, conferences, retreats, weddings, “fun” activities. Stop and think Nuh. And I say this knowing full well they do the same damn thing here. Smh,” one user said.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Another user added, 

“It’s the commitment for me. Nice of them to let him enjoy some time in the main house.”

He also snapped a picture of himself and a Caucasian coworker dressed in a blue gown near a staircase. Since his shocking appearance at the costume ball, he’s been promoted. The HR that strategized this “period appropriate” theme has been fired. 

The worker said on his Reddit page

“With a disproportionate raise, and better benefits. But I have been ASSURED that this has nothing to do with anything that happened on the retreat, and just happens to be coinciding with HRAsstDir canning. So remember kids, correlation =/= causation!”

Cousins, do you think you would’ve showed up to this function?

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