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Florida A&M University Launches Investigation After Graduate Nude Photos On Campus Goes Viral Online!

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After a graduate posted an all nude graduate photo online, Florida A&M University is now investigating the viral photo. 

FAMU graduate Terica Williams is facing some criticism including  an investigation after her provocative graduation photos hit the worldwide internet.

According to Yahoo! the historic university will start an investigation based on a released statement, The Jasmin Brand reports. 

The released statement explains, “Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson, Jr., Ph.D., said, ‘The university is aware of the picture taken and is currently investigating the incident.” 

Cousins, as you guys recall, the 24-year-old posted a photo online “posed as the FAMU rattler snake mascot, naked, wearing red bottom heels and what appears to be snakes as strands of her hair.”

Posing in front of the “FAMU snake,” Williams captured the post along with the caption: 

“Anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been dressing provocative my whole life. There’s a lot of assumptions that have came with me accepting my body,” Williams captioned her Instagram post.

“A lot of people questioned my capabilities and intelligence solely based on how I choose to dress. As I’m standing here with my master’s degree at the tender age of 24, I am the living proof that clothes do not define you. I encouraged every body to embrace their bodies and step outside social norms. With love, Terica Williams, M.Ed.”

Williams also posted other photos fully “clothed in light-washed bell bottom jeans, an orange FAMU crew neck and wearing white peep toe heels, accessorized with beautiful fro and hoop earrings.” But of course, it was the provocative photo that went viral. 

What are your thoughts on Williams’s graduate photos? Did she overstep boundaries, or is it not a big deal? 

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