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Lollapalooza Security Guard Arrested For Allegedly Making Fake Mass Shooting Threat To Get Out Of Work Early!



Apparently celebrities ain’t the only ones making headlines this week for the Lollapalooza festival as it appears a security guard is trending after allegedly making mass shooting threats in hopes of skipping out of work early!

According to the NY Post, Janya Williams, 18 allegedly thought up the genius plan to text her onsite supervisor from an anonymous messaging app named TextNow that read, “Mass shooting at 4pm location Lollapalooza. We have 150 targets.” Janya also told her supervisor that her sister had seen a similar threat on Facebook.

In response Janya’s supervisor contacted local Chicago police and the FBI were also notified. But it doesn’t end there, it has been indicated that the Supervisor asked Janya to forward a screenshot of the threat, she allegedly created a Facebook page under the name of Ben Scott and posted a message about a mass shooting.

“Massive shooting at Lollapalooza Grant Park 6:00 p.m.” Janya is said to have then took a screenshot of the post and forwarded it to her supervisor.

The FBI then tracked the TextNow message and traced it directly back to Janya’s IP address as well as her iCloud.

According to officials Janya allegedly admitted to issuing faking threats “because she wanted to leave work early”. Prosecutors state that the teen was arrested for a felony and making a false terrorism threat. 

Janya is currently being held on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to be in court on Monday.

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