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Beyoncé Removes Kelis Interpolation From Renaissance Album Track, ‘Energy’



Beyonce is cleaning house and straightening out all of the kinks involved surrounding her Renaissance album

According to circulating reports Bey has removed Kelis sample from her track ‘Energy’ . Though there has been no official confirmation surrounding this, it has been indicated that the sampled beat is no longer available on streaming services and that Kelis sample credit has allegedly been completely removed.

As we previously reported Kelis took to social media last week prior to the album’s release to slam both Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams. She accused them of sampling her song ‘Milkshake’ without her permission despite the fact that she does not own it.

According to pitchfork, the original version of “Energy,” near the song’s end, Beyoncé sang a variation of the “La-la, la-la, la” that Kelis made famous on “Milkshake” (as shown by the TikToker @jarredjermaine). In the updated version of “Energy” on streaming platforms, Beyoncé’s series of “las” is absent. Pitchfork has reached out to Beyoncé’s representative for comment.

Despite being interpolated, Kelis was not credited as a writer of “Energy” because she is not officially a writer or producer of “Milkshake.” Her Neptunes collaborators, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, are officially the composers and lyricists of “Milkshake,” and, therefore, are co-writers of the original “Energy.” At the time of this article’s publication, Beyoncé’s website and digital streaming platforms still list Hugo and Williams as composers on “Energy.”

If this is true would the problem actually be solved?

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