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Chris Brown Accused of Skipping Out on Benefit Concert, Singer Claims That’s Not the Case!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Chris Brown, is in hot water again and we don’t know what to make of this; as Houston business woman LaJaun Bailey has blasted the singer for allegedly skipping out on a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Ida and Nicolas.

According to Revolt, Bailey even held a press conference in Texas City to talk about taking legal action against the “No Guidance” singer. The press conference was held on live stream via Fox 26 Houston on July 13th. 

In the 20-minute video she “accuses Brown of canceling on the day of the show during sound check.”

The “One Night Only” event was scheduled for March 19 at the Toyota Center in Houston. Bailey claims she gave Brown $1 million to cover “accommodations, private travel and performance fees.”

During the press conference, Bailey says, “It left all the people who were depending on me to [rehabilitate] their homes without that happening.”

Also, Bailey adds she couldn’t help the families because “he has in excess of a million dollars that I spent just to get him here.”

But Brown is not going for any of the allegations by clearing his name. Brown’s legal team notified Bailey days before the event— not during soundcheck, which she claims— that he would not be performing, reports TMZ.

Emails between both parties sent on March 17 show there was a breach in his contract, causing Brown to pull out of the concert. Also, Bryson Tiller was scheduled to perform. But he was removed from the lineup, making it no viable replacement. This was a violation of Brown’s agreement, his team claimed in a letter to Bailey/organizers of the event.

Brown has tried to make things right with Bailey and organizers— he even tried to give a 6 figure donation to the charity associated with the benefit concert. But there has been no agreement between Brown and Bailey.

It seems like a lack of communication! 

Cousins, What are your thoughts on this? 

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