D.L Hughley’s Daughter Addresses Mo’Nique’s Previous Comments, “Keep Every Single Member Of My Family’s Name Out Of Your Poisonous Mouth”

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The ongoing feud between Mo’Nique and D.L Hughley has forced additional members to pull up to the group chat as things have reached a new low!

As we previously reported 1/4 of the original Queens of Comedy took to social media alongside her husband Sidney Hicks to post a dated video of D.L recalling a time where his daughter was reportedly sexually assaulted by a close friend of his.

The post went viral as social media users and even fans of Mo’Nique’s questioned her overall motive. She then responded within an Instagram live video that the clip had nothing to do with their issues and that she wasn’t trying to retraumatize his daughter; but to demonstrate that even if D.L did apologize it wouldn’t replace the trauma.

It wasn’t long before D.L’s eldest daughter Ryan Nicole commented on the post in saying, “You’ve now publicly disrespected my mother–who I love and care for very much–and my baby sister–who I love and care for very much to get back at my father–who I love, respect and care for very much. At this point, I feel like you are asking my family and myself to act out of character. “Out of all the things you could have legitimately said about my dad, if that’s the route you wanted to take, you chose to be deliberately mean and hurtful to two Black women who have nothing to do with this conversation.”

She continues, “You’re clearly two crayons short of the full box sis. You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth. Not because you can do us harm, you can’t. But because you are adding to the historical and systematic disrespect and trauma of other Black woman…who you claim to love. And for what? A check? You’re bringing up trauma for a concert line-up discrepancy? All you’ve done is proven that you have no moral compass. Nothing is too far in your question to prove a point and I’m blessed that my parents raised children who have no idea how you could possibly go here.”

Mo’Nique responded to Ryan with a repost of her forwarded comment in saying, “Hey young sister thank you for the invitation for a discussion. We would like to take you up on it. Because it could be very healing for our community. Have [Hughley] set up a time for you & your family & my husband & I to come on his show & we will go from there. I love us 4real.”

As we previously reported Mo’Nique and D.L’s feud reached an all new low after she shared a dated interview where he discussed his daughter being sexually assaulted.

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