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California Set To Start Testing Digital Driver’s Licenses!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-

For all our California cousins, there is a chance your identification card and driver’s license will go digital.

Last year, the state authorized the DMV to do a trial run of mobile driver’s licenses and IDs. Also, a year to establish a timeline and the estimated cost.

According to 600 KOGO News Radio, other states like Louisiana, Colorado, and Arizona, already have mobile licenses. But Utah is testing out the version of the I.D.

Only volunteers will participate in the trial run, which is 135,000 people.

While others are here for the digital I.D., some critics argue that a poorly designed system could threaten privacy. Critics are concerned with companies, and government can track and collect your activity and data.

The LA Times says the State Department of Motor Vehicles plans to test a version on smartphones, but they haven’t settled on a launch date as of yet. Plus, everyone does not have a mobile device, which makes physical I.D.s needed.

Reports read that it could be 10 to 15 years before digital licenses are used.

I can not wait to see the digital I.D.! It would make things a lot easier. Cousins, do you agree?

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