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Michael Blackson Says That His Fiancée Get Turned On Watching Him Have Sexual Intercourse With Other Women!



Actor and comedian Michael Blackson gave fans a sneak peek into his bedroom as he reveals intimate details regarding him and his fiancée’s sex life!

While appearing on the ‘It’s Tricky’ show hosted by Raquel Harper , Michael revealed that his leading lady Rada Darling gets turned on in watching him knock boots with other women.

“My girl is like… Rada is a freak, okay?” The thing about it… I mean, early in the relationship she enjoyed watching me sleep with women.”

Michael took things a bit further down in saying, “And in fact, when me and her are having sex, you know what makes her cum? When I tell her what I did with the last person.”

This isn’t quite the first time we’ve had front row seats to the couple’s relationship, as they appeared on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy’ series back in 2021 to discuss issues they endured. Despite the difficulties they faced the two became engaged nearly 10 months ago during an interview during the New York City based radio morning show the Breakfast club.

The two appear to be happier than ever with Michael advising Rada, “to stay happy, don’t read your comments. 93.8% of the people that write the comments are single, broke, and vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson.”

Michael’s comments were met with mix reviews as social media users state that he should keep their bedroom antics private. Do you agree?

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