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Former MTV ‘Making The Band’ Member Chopper Arrested For Sex Trafficking Accused Of Being A Pimp!



New Orleans native and former hit reality television cast member of MTV’s ‘Making The Band”, Chopper has officially been arrested on charges of sex trafficking following reports that law enforcement is currently accusing him of being a pimp!

According to TMZ, Chopper also known as Kevin Barnes, was arrested in Annapolis, Maryland on April 14. He is currently awaiting to be transferred to Las Vegas for sex trafficking charges in Sin City.

Court documents obtained by the outlet confirm that an undercover vice detective from Nevada had posed as a sex worker on Instagram and contacted the rapper through direct messages. Following a series of conversations Chopper allegedly forwarded a proposition to make money in exchange for sex work.

The undercover detective states that after searching through Chopper’s Instagram account, several posts hinting towards prostitution and pimping were discovered. One was described of Chopper on an airplane making references to being a pimp as he posed with a phone and a caption that read, “ Sending em 👑” alongside a money bag and crown emoji.

Reports read that Chopper had contacted the undercover detective unknowingly bragging about his claimed lifestyle of frequently traveling and being a seven time home owner through out the country. Officials claim that Chopper told them that conducting his business in Sin City was no longer safe because law enforcement was coming down on illegal activity.

📸: TMZ

📸: TMZ

Following a phone interview, Chopper confirmed that the detective passed the test by saying he wanted to make them apart of his team also referred to as his “stable”.

It has been indicated that Chopper had became aggressive following another phone call where he allegedly ordered them to pack their things, get to the airport and meet him in Charlotte in order to join his stable, after they began to stall. While continuing to pose as a sex worker, the detective told Chopper that they were scared which only made him more angry and he ultimately demanded a $2,000 fee.

Ultimately officials racked up enough evidence through the cluster of alarming social media posts, phone calls and fee demands, Chopper was arrested facing felony charges of sex trafficking.

Whew! Cousins it’s not lookin good for Chopper. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him in the limelight but who knew he was getting down like this?

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